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Innovative customized solutions in rubber and polyurethane

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S is a family owned business with more than 100 years of experience. We are a supplier of customized solutions in industrial rubber and polyurethane and we develop innovative molded products for customers around the world.

Uncompromising quality and individual solutions

At Dansk Gummi Industri A/S, we take our product quality seriously and provide solutions we can guarantee. We appreciate long-term customer relationships and well thought out individual solutions, and we manufacture our products in Denmark under proper conditions.

Flexibility, knowledge and knowhow

We are a flexible business partner who are solution-oriented and who take responsibility for the entire process – from idea to final product. Our long history gives us unique knowhow within rubber and polyurethane, and we gladly take part in the development process of new products in order to provide the customer with optimal solutions that fit their needs perfectly.

Job satisfaction and social responsibility

Competent, skilled and happy employees are the cornerstone of Dansk Gummi Industri A/S. That is why we focus continuously on job satisfaction, well-being and health of our employees. Among other things, we offer smoking cessation therapy and address topics such as sleep habits and diet. We also continue to support the Danish cancer society “Knæk Cancerand Families with cancer-affected children.


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Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

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