Unique and flexible solution for wind turbine blade transportation

Securing wind turbine blades during transport is expensive and causes hassle. But there is another way.

The new PRO-PAD system is a module-based solution that you can combine and adjust for any need and without up-front costs. The PRO-PAD system is produced in tested rubber specifically designed for high pressure and friction. Thanks to the flexible solution the PRO-PAD solution can be used on various racks and adjusted for specific wind turbine transportations. That reduces the total costs remarkably.

PRO-PAD is a registered design and trademark of
Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

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PRO-PAD - transport af vindmøllevinger

How PRO-PAD works

Simple configuration

Individual pads that adjusts to the turbine blade

Reducing destructive stresses

Designed for maximum contact area and load distribution

Safe solution

No staining on the transport subject and high friction and strength

Tested solution

Developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers in the wind industry


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    PRO-PAD® is a registered trademark belonging to Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

    The rubber pad as shown above is registered as a Registered Community Design belonging to Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

    PRO-PAD Registeret Varemærke