Wheel coating with multiple features based on purpose and specifications


Polyurethane wheels are applicable within numerous areas where demands for abrasion resistance and durability, among other things, are high. At Dansk Gummi Industri A/S, we manufacture complete polyurethane solutions such as truck wheels, feeder wheels, bandages, wheels for lifting carriages, wheels for roller trestles, transport wagons and heavy-duty castors. With wheels manufactured in PUR from Dansk Gummi Industri A/S, you get an extremely durable product capable of withstanding massive loads under challenging circumstances.

Wheel treads made out of polyurethane gives you a flexible and resilient coating that functions even under high load. Dansk Gummi Industri manufactures polyurethane wheels based on our customers’ individual demands for load, resistance and durability and we add polyurethane to several types of wheel cores such as cast iron or aluminum.

We manufacture wheel coatings with different features depending on field of application, purpose and individual specifications.

For instance, if the wheels are to be used in particularly greasy or wet environments, we can manufacture them with silica or soft-grip. Such solutions are very suitable for industries that use truck wheels, feeder wheels or wheels for transport wagons.

Renovating polyurethane wheels (PU wheels)

Are your PUR wheels worn and in need of new coating? Then we have extensive experience in renovating wheels where we remove the worn coating and replace it with new coating in an efficient and economical way. It is a cheap and durable alternative to purchasing new wheels. If you prefer rubber instead of PU, we also offer wheels and coatings made in rubber. Obviously with the possibility of different kinds of hardness and colors.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about our solutions within polyurethane wheels, you’re welcome to contact one of our specialists for more information. We can help you develop and improve the coatings on your wheels and also advise and guide you towards the optimal choice of material for your needs.


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